Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance – Sydney – Week 3 – The Shorten Tax

Wesley Goh

This week, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is preparing to launch a campaign against Bill Shorten’s pugnacious tax plan that will expropriate $164 billion dollars out of Australian households, businesses and retirees over the next 10 years. This will be coupled with increased welfarism such as an overhaul of the JobActive system which makes it easier for anyone to receive unemployment benefits, exacerbating the unemployment rate and costs borne by taxpayers. As such, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance hopes that with the launch of this campaign, everyday Australians are informed of the impending costs and burden they will have to bear if the Shorten government is voted into power in the coming Federal elections.

The week ended on a solemn note as the ATA had to say goodbye to two of its irreplaceable and incredibly accomplished high school interns, Joanne Tran and MacKenzie Lofts who have numerous Op Eds published on journals such as The Guardian and The Spectator. They will be the shining new torchbearers of liberty this country will have in a few short years and I am glad to have made their friendship in the short span of time we had together at the office.  This also happens to be Mannkal alumni, Louis Williams’ last week at the ATA. Louis is moving back to Perth to work as a health advisor at HBF – Western Australia’s largest not-for-profit health provider. They will all be sorely missed!