Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, Sydney – Week 8 – Pursue what’s meaningful, not what’s expedient

Wesley Goh

Work at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is never easy. It is almost as if there is a flow of work that piles incessantly before you can round off previously unfinished tasks. That is the nature of working at a proactive think tank that continuously provides a voice for hardworking ordinary Australians from crippling government policies.

It is a miracle and wonder as to how the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance can pull off massively successful campaigns, events and their annual Friedman conference with a small team of consisting of less than 10 individuals. I realise that the answer lies with their passionate dedication and belief in the preservation of individual liberty and ideas of classical liberalism.

Most of my week was spent scheduling social media engagements for the Friedman conference, contacting vaping shops about their petition packs and planning an interstate route for a campaign the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is planning on doing in the next few months.

One of the greatest highlight of this week was the opportunity to attend Jordan B. Peterson’s lecture in Sydney. Much of what he says aligns perfectly with the key ideas of classical liberalism which is to treat yourself with respect, and take responsibility by doing what is meaningful.

It is what FA Hayek alluded to when he said that freedom and responsibility are inseparable. Responsibility is the fundamental principle that classical liberalism teaches. It is the keystone that holds together all its other ideas and without it, classical liberalism quickly devolves into libertinism as we have seen in some misconstrued and misrepresented positions on libertarianism. Instead of blaming exogenous factors for your own suffering and demanding that society repatriate you for your ‘underserved suffering’, responsibility tells you to make the best of the cards that you are endowed with. It is to set aside expediency and pick up your own cross because at the end of a difficult road lies success and individual self-fulfilment which Jordan Peterson defines as meaning.