Automation and Amsterdam | Week 6

Llew Cross

I am quickly approaching the pointy end of my time here in London at the Centre for Policy Studies but there is still much to do! This week I will publish another piece on the CPS blog. It can be found here. In this post, I explore the possibilities and benefits that autonomous vehicles could bring to everyone’s lives.

The productivity gains associated with autonomous vehicles will be huge. The world will change in a big way and it’s only a matter of time. Companies like Uber and Google and even traditional manufacturers like Volvo are working towards the next big thing. It might take five to fifteen years to get the vehicles on the road depending on how much government interferes and restricts the industry.

In any case, prepare yourself for a shake-up of the way we work and travel, a huge reduction in the revenue government receives through fines for speeding and a massive reduction in road fatalities.

This week I have also been doing some research on the privatisation of the Water System throughout the UK. All of the home nations have a slightly different system with the system in England most closely resembling a competitive market, whereas Northern Ireland has the system with the most government control.

Once again, the supply of the best services and best quality product went to the most competitive region with the least government interference, England. Time and time again we see competitive markets yielding better results than government monopolies achieve. The CPS does a fantastic job demonstrating this through the economic bulletins they put out. Keep your eyes out for a new one soon!

Last weekend I visited Amsterdam with friends of mine from Sydney for a birthday celebration. We had dinner and drinks out on Saturday to celebrate. We also visited Vondelpark – which was massive and beautiful but incredibly cold!

We went to an exhibition in the Moco Museum featuring work by Salvador Dali and street artist Bansky. Banksy’s statement on privacy resonated with me, a picture of his quote is below. I really enjoyed the Banksy exhibit. Some of his works on display had been moved from their original location. Some works had been done on doors, some on brickwork, and some on steel.

London had finally been a little warmer at the start of this week, I didn’t need four layers! But yesterday the cold returned to the city and brought snow with it.

Ready for next week!