Centre for Policy Studies, London | Week 7 – This is the End

Cian Hussey

My final week at the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) has gone by in a flash and it’s time for that dreaded journey home. After seven weeks of living and working in such a busy city, it’ll be nice to come back to Perth and settle into my routine of working and studying – but I can’t say I won’t miss London!

My time here has been quite memorable; catching up with family I haven’t seen in over a decade, meeting like-minded young people, weekend getaways to the English and French countryside, with a few visits to the iconic London sights.  I’ve kept myself busy while not at work, which is probably why my weeks here have gone so quickly.

At the CPS this week, I spent my time adding the final touches to the welfare research I started when I arrived. This all needed to be finalised before the end of the week, and it has been nice to tie up all the loose ends as I finish up my internship. As the main project I worked on during my time here, welfare policy has now become a topic I am far more interested in and I look forward to seeing the final report which I might be able to identify my own contributions in.

Aside from work, I’ve had a relatively quiet week. I caught up with a couple of cousins to say goodbye, some of my fellow interns and I had celebratory drinks on Friday night, and I spent my final day with Michelle before heading to the airport to fly home. It’s time for my 20-hour journey back to Perth where I’ll have 12 hours of reprieve before I have to be in my first lecture at uni – no rest for the wicked, as they say!

Although it’s a shame to be leaving London, my internship has left me with a sense of what’s to come. I’ve always thought that I’d like working on policy research and development, and Mannkal and the CPS have given me the opportunity to discover that this is an area I’d definitely like to work in. My internship hasn’t been filled with traditional admin that people might expect, but rather an opportunity to work with high-calibre research staff on projects which will make a difference to the shape and direction of debate and policy in the UK. This has been such a unique and rewarding experience and being surrounded by the political excitement in Westminster hasn’t been too bad either!

The only thing I won’t miss is the tyranny of my cooking; I’m so looking forward to one of mum’s lovely home-cooked meals and catching up with all my family! Finally, I’d like to thank Ron Manners and the Mannkal team for this amazing opportunity.