Christmas Break, St. Louis – Week 4 – Intercontinental Relationship

Micha Gartz

With globalisation and the ability to live and work around the world, I cannot help but wonder if long distance relationships are becoming the new normal. But I question whether our borders will keep up with changes in traditional dating arrangements, and recognise the integral role of technology in our everyday lives in supporting unconventional or long-distance relationships.

Earlier this year I was fortunate to attend The Asia Institute for Political Economy summer program in Hong Kong (click here, here or here to see the blog posts). Initially, I was not planning to apply for that Mannkal opportunity but changed my mind just two hours before the deadline. I’m glad I changed my mind, for two reasons: the course was fantastic, and I met my boyfriend, Cayden, there.

Cayden lives, quite literally, on the other side of the world. Which is why I was so thankful to be able to spend Christmas break with him and his family in Saint Louis. As good as Skype calls are, its not the ideal way to meet someone’s family, or have a date. And, being in the US, what could be a more normal date than going to a gun range? On Boxing Day we headed down to the local shooting range where Cayden started me on moving targets (clay pigeons). To my surprise I hit the first and third targets, evidence that my teacher must have been pretty good. To be a bit more sophisticated we decided to go see Anastasia at the Fox Theatre (which is worth visiting just to see the decor) which was beautifully produced and see Mary Queen of Scots, which made full use of artistic license to produce an interesting interpretation of history.

The last day together we visited the St Louis Art Museum (SLAM), which featured famed works by artists such as Matisse, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, Lichtenstein and more. Their spectacular collection was supplemented with antique carpets, sculptures and porcelain pieces from ancient Iran, Korea and Syria. Being the two nerds that we are, we could have easily spent the entire week at SLAM.