Crossmedia & Peter’s Farewell | Week 6

Foluso Tade

Over the last few days, I have had the opportunity to learn more about new FNF operations. Previously all my research has been conducted for the Liberal Institute, which is just one of the foundation’s departments.

I spent all of Tuesday working with the Crossmedia team. It was an interesting beginning to understand how FNF manage their web presence through the website and the mechanisms used to promote the research produced in the Liberal Institute as well as FNF’s other departments.

I spent the morning using a content management system to update media on the website and then moved on to assist with the Social Media and Google Adword Campaigns.

All very interactive tasks that I found interesting and useful for my personal skill development. I do certainly enjoy my research focused tasks, though it often takes several hours before a report begins to take shape.

Working with the Crossmedia team was different as I got instant results and could jump online to see my updates as they unfolded.

On Thursday, I travelled to FNF’s International Department in Potsdam for a colleague’s farewell party. Peter Altmiks has been at the foundation for eleven years and has been a key figure in the Liberal Institute for much of that time. He has helped to guide several of Mannnkal’s past scholars and it has been great to work with him in my short time at the foundation.

I’m sure he will be missed by many and I wish him the best of luck on his next venture. The International Department is essentially the headquarters for all FNF regional offices across Germany and the world. It is about twenty kilometres south of Berlin and situated along a river bank, with nice views across Griebnitzsee.

The farewell party was a good chance to meet colleagues working on different aspects of research and I hope to return next week to learn more about their global collaborations.