DC Program, New York – Week 4 – Where is the Snow?

Callum Hudson

As of the 22nd of December I was finally on holiday.  The Washington DC program had come to an end and I had just arrived in New York City.  The skyscrapers, the crowds and the smell of hot-dogs greeted me as I hopped of the bus.  Everything was perfect, but where was the snow? Where was the white Christmas that I had heard so much about in movies and books?  Instead I arrived to a sunny day with a temperature of 13 degrees.  Despite the lack of snow, it was great weather for sightseeing.  After settling into my accommodation I made my way to Central Park and Times Square.  The first thing that hit me was the crowds.  People, everywhere! I felt like I was inside a tin of sardines.  Even with the crowds it was amazing to finally be here in person.  Being able to walk through Central Park and Times Square made me feel as though I was in a movie scene. 

The best part about this week was having the time to reflect on the past year.  I had been so preoccupied with my studies, work and Mannkal activities that I had forgotten to stop and think.  This week gave me the time to reflect on what an amazing year I have had.  I have studied hard and improved my grades, graduated from university, had the opportunity to attend multiple libertarian conferences in Sydney and Brisbane and developed valuable leadership skills.  This time of reflection made me realise how grateful I am to the Mannkal Foundation for giving me the opportunity to grow and develop as an individual.  Mannkal has given me an alternative way of thinking about politics and economics that allows me to make up my own mind instead of accepting what is taught to me in university as fact. 

The rest of the week I spent doing some more sightseeing in New York.  I made my way past the 9/11 memorial, the Brooklyn Bridge and multiple art museums.  It is hard to believe that 2018 is almost over, but I am ready to tackle 2019 head on and excited to begin my internship at the American Institute of Economic Research on Wednesday. One thing I hope for is that I will finally see some snow when I arrive in Massachusetts!