DC Program, Washington D.C. – Week 4 – Vacation!

John Gray

It’s nice to sit back, relax and reflect on the DC program now that we’ve come to vacation time. Mannkal ensured we would have some time off for Christmas before starting up at our next think tanks and I’ve certainly made the most of it. Hiring a car from DC, my wife, Erin, and I have made our way to Philadelphia, up through New York to Vermont, across to Maine and finally down to Boston, Massachusetts where we’re meeting up with Jeff Lyons, Chairman of the Mass. Libertarian Party, for NYE celebrations. 

There’s nothing better than taking in the countryside as you drive through multiple states in just a few short days, completely enjoying the brilliance of US interstate highways. No speed cameras, a small police presence and seemingly no desire to revenue raise by stopping smoothly flowing traffic doing anywhere up to 20m/ph over the posted speed limit. Everyone gets out of your way and no one hogs the fast lane. It’s a dream. On this adventure, I think I finally found the state’s motto that really resonates with me. It’s not Virginia is for lovers or Maine – Vacationland, surprisingly it’s not New Jersey – Liberty and Prosperity but New Hampshire where every numberplate states “Live Free or Die”. Yep, that’s pretty sweet. 

I find myself once again thanking Mannkal for the opportunity to be able to take in so many wonderful experiences by allowing some time off over the holidays. Just a short one for me this week, I’m off to drink Boston’s finest cold beverages. Happy New Year’s!