Foundation for Economic Education, Atlanta | Week 2

Chanelle Zubrinich

Hanging out with Milton Friedman

When taking part in any internship, no is never an answer. The moment I entered the office I was immediately introduced to half a dozen apps, dozens of people and an endless stream of resources. During my first day, FEE published eight articles, received nine new submissions and this was only what was happening within the content team. This is also classified as an ‘off day’ in FEE’s office.

Within a day of interning at the Foundation of Economic Education, I had progressed from being the ‘humble Australian intern’ to ‘the intern with a desk.’ Still humble; but with all the responsibilities that come with a place to sit at the office. Admittedly, I am yet to determine whether providing Tim Tams is the reason for this development.

Regardless, I soon found myself advancing from being given the responsibility of correcting typos in pre-existing articles to editing entire pieces, formatting submissions and then posting them to FEE’s website. Some of the pieces I’ve had the pleasure to help post are articles about issues such as the state’s utilisation of the police force as a form of revenue raising, Macron being a protectionist and a memoir of Wilhelm von Humboldt.

However, my biggest achievement so far has been both Jeffrey Tucker and Dan Sanchez approving my first article submission. Yet to be completed, the article addresses the issue of how “quotas are an insult to independent women”. This is a topic that I am extremely passionate about and I am very excited to be given the opportunity to write about something dear to me.