Foundation for Economic Education, Atlanta | Week 6 – Homeschool Conference

Gianni Rifici

In my last week blog I mentioned that I’d be helping at FEE’s booth at the South East Homeschool Expo and having done this, I found the experience extremely rewarding and learned a great deal about how to express ideas differently depending on my audience.

The Homeschool conference was attended by lots of children as well as their parents and to accommodate this, FEE partnered with the author of the “Tuttle Twins” books. This series explains concepts of political philosophy and economics in a manner that relates easier to a younger audience.

While the kids showed interest in the Tuttle Twins series, I gave information to their parents about FEE’s Summer Seminar Programmes. Although these are most suitable for teenagers, it was great to get parents familiar with the work FEE does so that over the upcoming years they can send their kids along. On a side note, Milton Friedman’s birthday is this week (31st of July) and I learned a lot about his proposed voucher education system at the homeschooling conference.

This week was particularly significant for the Programmes team in the FEE office because they have completed their last seminar of the summer which marked the end of the busy season, with two interns scheduled to be heading home by the end of this week. It’s sad knowing that I won’t see some of these people as frequently, however I’ve made some great friends at FEE and although I’m sure we’ll keep in touch, I’m reminded of the unique and temporary nature of my internship experience when I see others approaching the end of theirs.

On Saturday, I visited Moss Pawn and Gun shop in Jonesborough. This shop is significant to the Libertarian movement because it is the home of the famous internet news and blog site, Iraq Veteran 8888, which advocates responsible gun ownership and protection of the Second Amendment. It was inspiring to go in and meet some of the people I have been watching on YouTube and I thanked them for all their hard work over the years.

This week was clearly full of once in a lifetime experiences and I’m trying my best to embrace as many as I can in my last few days.