Foundation for Economic Education, Atlanta | Week 7 – Goodbyes Around the Office

Gianni Rifici

This is my final blog post for my Mannkal FEE internship! This week the content team and I had lunch at a burger place in the Linnux Mall. It was hosted as a farewell to Brittany Hunter because she’s leaving the office this week too.

We had a great time talking about all the work we have achieved over the summer and what is coming up next for FEE. There is certainly a lot to be excited about across the whole organisation and particularly within the content department.

After lunch the team took me for a tour through the Lenox Mall which is located in Buckhead and has four stories with two hundred and fifty shops. It was easily the biggest shopping centre I have ever seen! It was filled with families and day shoppers, and it was incredible to see the volume of business being done. The place was a money making machine with a heavy focus on efficiency, providing valet parking and dozens of sets of double escalators to allow easy access to all parts of the mall.

The office is slowly becoming more empty as the other interns conclude their placements. Those of us who are still here attended the staff meeting and were wished farewell. Larry Reed asked us each what our favourite moment was from our time in Atlanta. One person said the summer seminars and another said the home-schooling conference. Mine was the Amicalola falls trip though and I thanked Larry for taking me. I also got some copies of Real Heroes, one of Larry’s books, to bring home to Australia so I can share the inspiring stories he has collected inside.

From now until my last day I will continue working at the office on articles and eBooks. I have really come to love the work and am sure I will miss some of the purpose it has brought me when I come home. It feels great to know that I have helped an organisation with such a cause as FEE’s.

Before I arrived here I was unsure about the nature of the internship but there has not been a single quiet moment at FEE, with always something to do. The time has gone so quickly and I have so many new memories from this experience. I would like to thank Ron Manners and the Mannkal team for making this amazing opportunity possible.