The Adam Smith Institute, London | Week 1 – Entering the wealth of the British Nation!

Camille Cross

I couldn’t have asked for a better first week in London. I arrived a few days before my internship started and spent my first day wandering around London and then went up to Cambridge the following day. This was a remarkable experience and walking through a university town that is worlds away from day to day life back home.

This week, Cian, Nick and I all moved into our apartment in Fulham together and are starting to familiarise ourselves with the local pub, Tesco and the tube which is how we’ve been getting to work. Our first night together we wandered into the pub down the road wondering why they were serving our drinks in plastic cups and we soon realised England was playing in the world cup. We really felt like we were in England now!

My first day at the Adam Smith Institute was all I had hoped for. I was introduced to the staff and the concepts of the think tank and then went straight to work researching CANZUK (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom). The Adam Smith Institute consists of a handful of staff all working together in close quarters. This has been a great experience to enter into as I am able to work with experts in all areas of public policy, neoliberalism and economics.

All the CANZUK nations share many aspects in common, including a head of state, language and a common law system to name a few. Now that the UK is leaving the EU there are many opportunities to strengthen the relations of these nations with a free trade agreement and hopefully freedom of movement for citizens.

I also went to a meet for the entrepreneur’s network in parliament where they discussed the importance of education and training that these people receive. Many of the people at the roundtable were interested in mentor programs and much of the knowledge these people need is learnt through experience.

We all have so much ahead of us including the THINK! conference next weekend which should be very interesting. I am excited for another great week of British sunshine, researching and writing!