The Adam Smith Institute, London | Week 2 – I’m on a Boat

Camille Cross

My second week is getting better every day! We started off with a conference hosted by the Institute of Economic Affairs called THINK! which was an eye-opening discussion looking at politics, the future of self-driving cars and the gender wage gap.

On Tuesday of this week, the Adam Smith Institute (ASI) held their annual boat party with all ‘The Next Generation’ members of the ASI. This was a great event to engage people between the age of 18 – 30 in the liberty movement and was an environment where like-minded individuals can socialise while floating up and down the River Thames.

I’ve spent most of this week looking at the regulation and opportunities in regards to vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. The UK has the second-lowest smoking rate in Europe behind Sweden and this can be mainly attributed to the increase in Vaping numbers as a transition to quitting smoking completely. Different types of e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine substances can be very beneficial in reducing tobacco cigarette use.

The manufacturing and distribution of liquid nicotine products are still illegal in Australia but in most states, the selling of e-cigarette equipment is still allowed. This regulation around vaping and e-cigarettes is actually costing Australian lives. The most damaging parts of cigarettes are the additional substances that burn and can cause diseases such as lung cancer and other smoking relating illnesses. The UK Royal College of Physicians believes e-cigarettes to be 95% safer and to have a less than 1% risk of cancer. This data and the lowered rates of smokers and smoking-related illness in the UK and Sweden prove that this new technology is saving lives.

Later in the week, my Auntie was in London and we went out for a delicious dinner in Sloane Square. We had incredible French style food and my favourite creme brulee for dessert. There is such an incredible range of food in London and for lunch, most of us walk to this market street with stalls hosting each cuisine.

This weekend I’m hoping to make it out of London to enjoy the wonderful heat that we’re experiencing here. I’m likely to go to Brighton or Bath to enjoy the sunshine and I’ll let know where I go here next week!