Who is Caesar? | Week 5

Julian Hasleby

It was a great feeling to return to the Manning Centre office this week after a brief visit to the United States.

Calgary feels like home and it was a relief to stimulate my brain through further research. In preparation for a presentation at the Law & Freedom Conference in Toronto, the policy team worked on refining the final edit of ‘Court Tracker’. This report analyses every decision of the Canadian Supreme Court over the past 60 years, with a focus on how often different justices rule in the same way and under which administration they were appointed.

The most rewarding aspect of playing a small role in this project has been the opportunity to make information that is often complex and lengthy present in a way that is straightforward and easy to access for the public.  The Manning Centre maintains an open data policy and the possible uses of this are endless. I’d honestly never considered an attempt to make the judiciary more accountable or transparent would be possible.

The 5th of January was my birthday, and as a surprise, my parents had a cake delivered to the office which I shared with my coworkers. I can safely say that this has gone a long way in making me a favourite intern! At the end of the day I was taken out for drinks by some of my friends from the Manning Centre, it was a special birthday. Calgary is known for a particular drink referred to as a ‘Caesar’.

In the past, I’d been hesitant to try it. I thought that in fairness after making as many Albertans as I could sample Vegemite, I couldn’t refuse their equivalent. The flavour is indescribable but I wouldn’t say that it is something I’d choose over a beer. A Caesar contains ingredients such as vodka, tomato juice, clam broth and Worcestershire sauce.