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Furthering your professional development

Students returning from international study tours become part of the Mannkal alumni community. Lifelong membership as a Mannkal alumnus provides many benefits, including invitations to industry events and ongoing professional development.

As part of our Leadership Development Program, we aim to support you in your professional and personal capacities.

Our dedicated team will work with high-performing students to explore opportunities to connect them with our industry partners both in Perth and around the world. Returning scholars may become mentors to incoming students and partake in Mannkal research projects and publications.

We actively encourage our alumni to continue their engagement with us and to support our vision and values. 



Please note: attendance and participation at our events and seminars is an essential prerequisite for a successful application

Apply for one of our current conference opportunities


Attend a 30-minute introductory interview at our office


Attend our seminars to learn professional skills and libertarian philosophy
You can view our upcoming seminars on our Facebook page

Attend a domestic or international conference

Apply to participate in one of our international study tours

We provide further opportunities and professional development throughout our Alumni’s careers