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Delve into the world of libertarian ideas

Mannkal sponsors students to attend conferences where they can engage in a wide range of topics, spanning economics, public policy, entrepreneurship and more. At the conferences, students will hear from distinguished academics, politicians and think tank leaders.

During the session breaks, students are encouraged to network in a relaxed environment with their peers and enjoy the experience.

Attending a conference is the perfect way to prepare you for your study tour application. Students are generally eligible for one conference prior to going on a study tour, however additional conference opportunities may be offered throughout the year to outstanding scholarship performers.

Mannkal covers all basic necessary expenses for the conference, administered through the student’s university. The bursaries include airfares, basic accommodation, travel insurance, visa fees, any conference expenses and a small living allowance.

For Perth-based conferences, scholarships will cover registration only.

You can now submit your application online – please click on APPLY NOW (below).

Make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

Points to consider for your application (in your cover letter):
– What it is about the conference specifically that interests you? Which speakers and philosophies?
– What do you want to learn? What will you do with that knowledge?
– Why should you be chosen for this particular opportunity?’

Applications are accepted and assessed on continual, rolling basis up until the closing date. Candidates who submit their application early have a higher likelihood of receiving a conference scholarship.

To be eligible for a Mannkal conference scholarship, you must:

  • Currently be enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student (part-time or full-time) at a Western Australian university;
  • Hold either Australian citizenship or permanent residency*;
  • Be based in Western Australia.

*International students are unfortunately not eligible for Mannkal scholarships; in very rare circumstances, an exception may be made. However, international students are very welcome to attend our seminars and events.

Above all, Mannkal values entrepreneurialism and enthusiasm for a free and open society. We consider students from across all faculties, departments and backgrounds. Course marks are one consideration, but this should not exclude students who have made contributions in other areas.

Students are generally eligible for one conference. Additional conference opportunities may be offered throughout the year to outstanding students at Mannkal’s discretion.

Places are subject to availability and may change without notice. Applications are accepted and assessed on continual, rolling basis up until each deadline. Candidates who submit their application early have a higher likelihood of receiving a scholarship.

Attendance and participation at our events and seminars is an essential prerequisite for a successful application.

All successful applicants must be available for a pre-departure and a post-conference briefing.

Freedom to Choose 2019:

150 words or less


27 – 29 September 2019 (Friday – Sunday)

Applications are closed.

About the Conference:

The Centre for Independent Studies recognises the importance of exposing, challenging and supporting young people who have an interest in exploring the foundations of a free society. The Liberty and Society student conferences are highly regarded with many participants saying the weekend was pivotal in building their personal philosophical framework. A must for anyone interested in exploring classical liberal ideas.

Liberty and Society is a unique conference program for undergraduates, recent graduates and postgraduates. The goal of the Liberty and Society conferences is to create an intellectual environment where ideas and opinions about what makes a free society can be discussed, argued and learnt. Generous scholarships allow everyone to apply.

Liberty and Society is for young people who may be questioning the standard answers they are getting regarding social, political and economic issues. You may not see yourself as fitting into the ‘left’ or ‘right’ mould. This is an opportunity to consider the classical liberal perspective. Classical liberalism promotes individual freedom, private property, limited government and free trade.

This is an opportunity to challenge yourself and build upon your existing philosophical framework with the support of CIS and our distinguished speakers and researchers.


Celia Hammond MP is the member for Curtin, elected to the House of Representatives in the May 2019 federal election. She was previously Vice Chancellor of the University of Notre Dame Australia.

Dr Ben O’Neill is a Research Fellow at the ANU College of Health and Medicine. He has a broad range of academic interests including mathematics, statistics, economics, philosophy, and law.

Joshua Forrester is a PhD Candidate in law at Murdoch University. He is co-author of the book No Offence Intended: Why 18C is Wrong (Connor Court Publishing) published in 2016.

Matthew O’Donnell is Director at Praxeology Partners, providing investment and corporate advisory services in the South Pacific. He previously worked as a Senior Research Fellow in economics at the CIS.

Dr Jeremy Sammut is a Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Culture, Prosperity, & Civil Society Program at the CIS. He is a leading researcher on corporate social responsibility, child protection, and market-based healthcare policy.

Applications are closed.

Friday, 22nd November 2019 in Fremantle

Attendance at this conference is a pre-requisite to any further Mannkal opportunities, including study tours. APPLY NOW.

About the Conference:

The 2019 Freedom to Choose (FTC) conference is the tenth in a sequence of annual conferences devoted to exploring the effectiveness of free-market policies. There is a focus on placing free-market ideas in their historical context and the role economists should play in policy formation. The invited conference speakers are encouraged to adopt a critical, scholarly and non-ideological stance when considering these issues. Dissent is encouraged both from the floor and the podium.

This year’s FTC, Demythologising Australia’s Federation Episode, considers the wisdom of Australian Federation. Few would dispute that ‘1901’ is the paramount event of Australia’s political history. The integration that year of the six bodies politic of the Australian landmass into a single state is the foundational fact of Australian political existence. From that year, it seems, all else flows: 1901 is ‘the fateful date’.

Click here to read more about the speakers.

Click here to see the program.

All successful applicants will receive complimentary registration to the conference.
Applications will be accepted and assessed on continual, rolling basis up until the deadline. Candidates who submit their application early had a higher likelihood of receiving a conference scholarship and will be looked upon favourably for future Mannkal opportunities.


Please note: attendance and participation at our events and seminars is an essential prerequisite for a successful application

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