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📍 Grand Rapids, Michigan


The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty is a think-tank whose mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles.


The AI is named after the great English historian, Lord John Acton (1834-1902). He is best known for his famous remark: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Inspired by his work on the relation between liberty and morality, the Acton Institute seeks to articulate a vision of society that is both free and virtuous, the end of which is human flourishing. To clarify this relationship, the Institute holds seminars and publishes various books, monographs, periodicals, and articles.


Action Institute interns may engage in a variety of tasks ranging from operational, communications and research. These may include assisting with content and logistical preparation of events and media efforts hosted by Action Institute, collaborating with and assisting teams with strategy development, undertaking events planning and extending media outreach. Interns may also assist research staff through qualitative research projects and undertaking article editing.



📍 Great Barrington, Massachussetts


The AIER, founded in 1933, was the first independent voice for sound economics in the United States. Today it publishes ongoing research, hosts educational programs, sponsors interns and scholars, and is home to the world-renowned Bastiat Society and the highly respected Sound Money Project.


The Institute is housed in magnificent Cotsworld cottage-style manor in the beautiful state of Massachusetts. Dr Edward Stringham is the Vice President and Director of Research and Education. Jeffery Tucker is the Editorial Director.


AIER interns may assist with logistical programs, economic research, events, communications and database management.



📍 Washington D.C.


Atlas Network is a nonprofit organization connecting a global network of more than 475 free-market organisations in over 90 countries to the ideas and resources needed to advance the cause of liberty. Their mission is to strengthen the worldwide freedom movement by cultivating a highly effective and expansive network that inspires and incentivises all committed individuals and organisations to achieve lasting impact.


Atlas’ overarching strategy is to accelerate those achievements by providing competitive opportunities for training, support, and international recognition.


As a Mannkal Scholar at the Atlas Network, you will have the opportunity to participate in parts of the closely-related Cato Institute intern program, as well as attend events at the prestigious think tanks in downtown Washington DC (20-minute metro ride). You can also join training courses offered by Atlas and the conservative-leaning Leader Institute. Tasks for interns at the Atlas Network may be more events focused with frequent opportunities to attend talks, seminars and conferences and network with politicians and professionals and collaborate with other think tanks in the region.



📍 Los Angeles, California


The Ayn Rand Institute fosters a growing awareness, understanding and acceptance of Ayn Rand’s philosophy, Objectivism, in order to create a culture whose guiding principles are reason, rational self-interest, individualism and laissez-faire capitalism­­ — a culture in which individuals are free to pursue their own happiness.


ARI works to educate and empower a wide variety of audiences, from students, teachers and scholars to businessmen and policymakers. They host events, publish research and publishes and distributes books all over the world.


Mannkal interns at ARI may have the opportunity to assist various ARI directors in writing and publishing research projects relating to Ayn Rand’s philosophies, the bill of rights, freedom of speech on university campuses and foreign commentary on current federal political topics. Prospects may also arise to attend legal conferences and seminars, networking with judges, lawyers and academics and providing support to not-for-profit organisations in California.



📍 Atlanta, Georgia


FEE’s mission is to inspire, educate and connect young adults with the economic, ethical and legal principles of a free society. These principles include individual liberty, free-market economics, entrepreneurship, private property, and strong personal character. FEE envisions a world where the ideas of liberty are familiar and credible to the rising generation. We believe that the free society is the only social arrangement compatible with the humane values and ethical principles of the vast majority of people, particularly those held by members of the rising generation.


Mannkal scholars at FEE may be involved in article editing, undertaking a research project of your choosing for FEE publication, examining the current and future effects of digital currencies, aiding the data team through analysing social media metrics and website creation, updating and the potential to perform coding. Other research topics might include but are not limited to foreign investment and foreign aid policy, sharing economy regulation and corporate tax legislation. Additionally, students are also likely to attend conferences and networking events.



📍 Midland, Michigan


The Mackinac Center for Public Policy is a nonprofit institute that advances the principles of free markets and limited government. Through research and educational programs, they challenge government overreach and advocate for free-market approaches to public policy that free people to realise their potential and their dreams.


Since 1987, we have been a champion for freedom for the residents of Michigan and beyond, from hot dog stands and food trucks to parents seeking education choice, to workers exercising union rights to overtaxed business owners and entrepreneurs fighting for a level playing field. With them and others, Mackinac work to advance a freer and more prosperous state.


Mannkal interns who are at the Mackinac Centre for Public Policy may engage in app creation, analysing social media information and the respective impact on businesses and politics, performing market analyses, website updating and management and establishing profiles on American senators and members of The House of Representatives. There may also be chances to undertake research tasks which may relate to regulation, labour and governmental issues.



📍 Los Angeles, California


Taliesin Nexus encourages the creation of great stories. They serve as a nexus between up-and-coming filmmakers and experienced industry professionals who share a passion for a free society. TN teaches filmmakers of promise by leveraging its network of Hollywood pros to create educational opportunities.  To that end, they organise workshops, internships, writing groups, and other events that bring together talented creators who can network and learn from each other.


TN’s premier program is the Liberty Lab for Film, an intense short film lab where filmmakers develop from treatment to script a short film idea or web-series with guidance from a mentor in a 100-day development process.


Interns placed at Taliesin Nexus may develop script contents, shoot and produce short films, provide research on locations suitable for filming, closely collaborate with TV/film producers and gain the knowledge and insight on how to get a project approved and gaining experience at Hollywood production companies.

📍 Halifax, Nova Scotia


The Atlantic Institute for Market Studies is an independent economic and social policy think tank. AIMS’ chief objectives include:

  • initiating and conducting research identifying current and emerging economic and public policy issues facing Atlantic Canadians and Canadians more generally, including research into the economic and social characteristics and potentials of Atlantic Canada and its four constituent provinces;
  • investigating and analysing the full range of options for public and private sector responses to the issues identified and to act as a catalyst for informed debate on those options, with a particular focus on strategies for overcoming Atlantic Canada’s economic challenges in terms of regional disparities;
  • communicating the conclusions of its research to a regional and national audience in a clear, non-partisan way;
  • sponsoring or organising conferences, meetings, seminars, lectures, training programs, and publications, using all media of communication (including, without restriction, the electronic media) for the purpose of achieving these objectives


AIMS is one of the most highly regarded think tanks in North America.  Winning four Sir Antony Fisher Awards for Institutional Excellence, a feat unprecedented in the world, plus the Templeton Freedom Award, AIMS is known for the quality of its work, and for its keen sense of identifying areas of policy that are most impeding social and economic growth.


AIMS scholars may contribute to the objective achievement by assisting researchers and associates in authoring op-ed, blog pieces and updating information relating to provincial economics and their public financing figures, being an active supporter in events and preparing and presenting research proposals. Interns may proactively network with prominent figures in the business community.



📍 Ottawa, Ontario


The Canadian Taxpayers Federation is an independent Canadian think tank, dedicated to lower taxes, reducing government waste and promoting accountable governance. CTF conducts research, and participates in advocacy focused activities such as issuing news releases, hosting press conferences, and distributing publications.


The intern may be expected to undertake research projects under the supervision of CTF staff, and additionally may assist with administrative tasks and organising events. Further tasks may include drafting responses to common stakeholder queries regarding political and governmental issues, analysing government expenditure and collaborating with other interns on research projects.



📍 Vancouver, British Columbia


The Fraser Institute is a Canadian think tank focusing on publishing peer-reviewed research into critical economic and public policy issues including taxation, government spending, health care, school performance, and trade. The Institute’s head office is located in Vancouver, with additional offices in Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal.


The intern will be based at the Fraser Institute offices in Vancouver. This internship has a strong focus on mining, resources and energy policy.  The Institute has a strong focus on research and publications. Consequently, this internship affords students the opportunity to participate in policy research within a structured setting.


Tasks may include providing research to policy departments, conducting literature reviews, performing statistical analyses across the oil and mining industries, frequently conducting tasks in small teams and events management.



📍 Vancouver, British Columbia


The Institute for Liberal Studies focuses on providing a venue for open discussion on economics, philosophy, history and public policy issues in Canada. The ILS hosts a number of seminars and events aiming to educate students and the broader community about classical liberal ideas and the application of those ideas to issues specific to Canada.


Interns will be based in the ILS office in Ottawa. The candidate will have the unique opportunity of participating as part of a small and friendly team while working in an office building which houses multiple think tanks. Scholars may be expected to undertake event organising and planning of seminars and assisting as needed with administrative tasks. Interns may also participate in a range of discussions on the effects of universal basic income guarantees and how innovative companies can overcome the public choice barrier in politics.

📍 Guatemala


The Antigua Forum gathers political leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts from around the world to work on projects that find real solutions to real problems. The Antigua Forum is a 3-day conference which gathers 50 participants from up to two dozen countries work in small groups, guided by trained facilitators, to help project owners come up with concrete action plans. There are no lectures, just productive encounters.


Successful applicants will help organise and execute the Antigua Forum Conference. The internship will take place from early January to late February.


Mannkal invites applications from students, possessing:

  • Strong writing skills  (good grammar, clarity of expression, clarity of argument)
  • Proof-reading skills
  • Highly detailed oriented and organized
  • Eager to meet and interact with other people
  • Ideally, someone who can speak Spanish

📍 London


Independent, non-profit and non-partisan, the Adam Smith Institute work to promote free market, neoliberal ideas through research, publishing, media outreach, and education. The Institute is today at the forefront of making the case for free markets and a free society in the United Kingdom.


Their core policy priorities include:

  • Low, simple, flat taxes that encourage investment and innovation, and hence economic growth;
  • A voucher-based education system that gives parents and schools complete freedom over how and where children are educated;
  • A privately-provided, publicly-funded healthcare system where patient outcomes, not NHS wages, are the focus;
  • And many more!


Scholars at the Adam Smith Institute may perform tasks across research or operational divisions, potentially assisting with researching and editing press releases and papers produced by the institute; actively being involved in the production of videos, events management and organisation and liaising with supporting stakeholders. Further opportunities may arise for interns to organise, participate and engage in conferences.



📍 London


CapX is an online journalism placement based in London. CapX is the world’s leading free-market news service, providing the best writing on politics, economics, markets and ideas, underpinned by a commitment to make the case for popular capitalism.


CapX interns may be presented with ample chances to develop technical skills through utilising software development for the CapX website through working with senior editors, operate social media activities and engage with the CapX audience, publicise articles illustrating the effects of free markets in various continents such as Asia, and assist researchers and editors in choosing the most current and viable topics to investigate. Scholars may also undertake a unique research project of their choice to be published on the CapX website.



📍 London


Based in London, The Centre for Policy Studies believes in freedom and responsibility. One of Britain’s best known and most respected think tanks, the Centre develops and promotes policies to limit the role of the state, to encourage enterprise and to enable the institutions of society – such as families and voluntary organisations – to flourish.


The Centre was founded by Sir Keith Joseph and Margaret Thatcher in 1974 to promote the principles of a free society and has since played a global role in the dissemination of free-market economics. Its role in developing the policies of privatisation, low-tax government and support for the family, is recognised across the world.


Interns at the Centre for Policy Studies may participate in policy writing, assisting heads of research areas, conduct independent research for the publishing of blogs for CPS’ website, analysing and reporting on economics and politics throughout the UK and European regions, investigating government spending and evaluating consumer switching rates and the effects of tariffs. There may also be occasions for scholars to attend unique economic lectures held in London.




📍 London


The IEA is one of the original iconic British think tanks. Founded in 1955 and located in historic Westminster, the IEA focuses on promoting a free society by considering the role of markets in solving economic and social problems. The Institute advocates for a free economy, low taxes, freedom in education, health and welfare, and lower levels of regulation.


This internship affords students the opportunity to provide support at the IEA offices in Westminster. Scholars participate in a team environment and conduct research while providing general office support. This scholarship would suit a student with strong free market and liberal principles.


Scholars interning with the IEA may be afforded the opportunity to undertake a personal research project, investigate poverty in the 1st world, conduct policy research and analysing the UK financial services sector, create profiles on local politicians and partake in speech writing. Interns may also be able to attend external and presentations and being involved in IEA events.



📍 London


The Initiative for Free Trade makes the intellectual and moral case for free trade and sees Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union as a unique opportunity to revitalise the world trading system. The IFT works by educating civil society, convincing businesses and finally by changing public policy.


Interns placed at the Initiative for Free Trade may be involved in deconstructing how British politics works at the party level, the respective relation to Brexit, and the impact of regulation and reform on trade. Interns may further engage with IFT followers on Twitter and Facebook, being afforded the opportunity to contribute to publications and may also assist in developing videos centred around trade and tariffs.



📍 London


The TPA’s mission is to:

  • Change the perception that big government is necessary and irreversible
  • Explain the benefits of a low tax economy
  • Give taxpayers a voice in the corridors of power


They achieve this by releasing pioneering research into taxation and government spending. The research team uses the Freedom of Information Act to uncover information previously hidden from taxpayers.


Scholars placed at the TPA may undertake tasks such as operating and refining digital platforms, conducting analyses on social media statistics, collaborate with the press and TPA campaign staff, perform health tourism research, conduct investigations on transport nationalisation and may also be afforded the opportunity to interview prominent libertarian figures from other think tanks. TPA interns may also be presented with opportunities to attend seminars and lectures held by economists and other political figures in London.

📍 Vienna, Austria


The Austrian Economics Center is a politically independent research institute committed to disseminating the ideas of the Austrian School of Economics. The AEC considers public policies, identifies economic alternatives, and attempts to realise them based on rigorous analysis and academic research.


The AEC’s basic goal is the promotion of a free, responsible and prosperous society. To achieve this goal, it considers economic and socio-political questions, prepares studies, and recommends solutions. In carrying out its work, the AEC addresses a broad audience – from entrepreneurs and business leaders to economic thinkers and policy-makers, both domestically and abroad. And by improving public understanding of key economic questions and organising educational programs, the AEC aims to promote the idea of a free market economy and the ideal of a free society.


The AEC is committed to the Austrian School of Economics: It not only hopes to make the main ideas of its leading economic thinkers and social philosophers better understood and more competitive in the marketplace of ideas but strives to ensure that these ideas become historically dominant. Put simply, the AEC’s main duty is to further the Austrian School’s position in society and in the world.


AEC interns will assist in preparing studies and research on pressing issues facing a broad range of stakeholders by promoting the notion of free markets and improving the general public’s understanding of Austrian Economics. Scholars can also work across project coordination and providing sound advice to policy-makers, both domestically and abroad.



📍 Berlin, Germany


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is a foundation in the Federal Republic of Germany devoted to the promotion of liberal principles and to political education. The goal of the foundation is to advance the principles of freedom and dignity for all people in all areas of society, both in Germany and abroad.

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation is active in over 60 countries around the world, spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, North and Central America. Within these project countries, our regional offices work to support human rights, rule of law, and democracy. In order to achieve these aims, the foundation seeks to foster both international and transatlantic dialogue through conferences, study tours, and publications, among other means. In addition, the foundation supports local, regional, and national initiatives which advance the rights of minorities, the democratic control of security forces, and the strengthening of international human rights coalitions.

Interns placed at Friedrich Naumann Stiftung may engage in a range of activities including being involved in publications addressing the impact of taxes throughout the European region, the opportunity to undertake a research and innovation project of your choice and engaging in seminars and conferences to promote ‘investment in the future’.



📍 Madrid, Spain


The vision that inspires the Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty is that of prosperous human societies, organised through the spontaneous order of culture and market, and respectful of all of their members’ individual freedom. Fundalib’s mission is to promote the advancement of individual human Liberty in all of its aspects and the success of the organisations and entities which further and defend it.


Interns are likely to support the organisation in the dissemination of objectivist ideas throughout Spain, collaborate with Spanish and foreign universities reforming electoral freedom and ensuring transparency in the voting process and continuing the promotion of the Foundation's goals through publications across various categories including human rights, taxation and freedom.


This opportunity would be particularly suited to a Spanish-speaking student.



📍 Athens, Greece

The mission of Greek Liberties Monitor is to promote liberal and free-market ideals within Greece and the European Union, and to achieve penetration of mainstream Greek media in regard to the propagation of these ideas.


Major programs for this organisation include: Greek Investment Odyssey; Free Market and Liberalism Survey in Greece.


Scholars who are placed at the Greek Liberties Monitor may contribute to the vision of the think-tank through popularising basic concepts regarding liberties in Greek society, collaborating with colleagues in addressing the Greek economic crisis by assisting with the publication of various documentaries. Interns may also engage in recording, analysing and registering economic, social and personal liberties and provoking debate and invoking pressure on key decision makers.


This opportunity would be particularly suited to a Greek-speaking student.



📍 Athens, Greece


The mission of KEFiM is to increase individual and economic freedoms of Greeks through the promotion of liberal ideas and policy proposals. They believe in the principles of classical liberalism and the ideas of a free economy and an open society under the rule of law. In the tradition of F.A. Hayek and Anthony Fisher, KEFiM believes that the most important factor for change is the climate of ideas in our country. Therefore, through its work, KEFiM strives to increase the demand for ideas that promote individual freedom and free markets in Greece.


Scholars at KEFiM will contribute to the fulfillment of the KEFiM objectives and be an active participant in organising and attending events and conferences of KEFiM, as well as performing administrative tasks. The interns can further achieve the goals of KEFiM by producing multimedia content to promote liberty and through continued engagement and maintenance of active online liberty communities.



📍 Vilnius, Lithuania


The mission of Lithuanian Free Market Institute is to promote individual freedom and responsibility, free markets, and limited government.


Major programs for this organisation include: Government Watchdog; Leading Ideas, Inspiring Change; Municipal Performance Index for Freedom and Free Enterprise; Liberty Studies; Survey of Shadow Economy; Municipal Performance Index; Price of the State.


Interns who are placed at the LFMI are likely to promote the Institute’s focal points of economy, communication & education. Scholars may assist the team through active engagement in activities that contribute to the Institute’s research and analysis, creating and planning legislative proposals, advising and consulting government institutions publishing economic literature and drafting legislative proposals which address a successful implementation of free markets in Lithuania. Additional opportunities may arise for scholars to develop and participate in conferences and lectures.



📍 Vienna, Austria


scholarium is a learning enterprise based in Vienna, Austria. It is one of the last remaining research centres where the original Austrian School of economics is alive, boasting the largest library on this tradition in Europe.


scholarium interns may work across entrepreneurial projects, practical experiments, integrating long lasting innovative solutions to create an impact in business and are likely to incorporate the Austrian school of economics into generating sound advice for policy makers and professionals through research projects.

📍 Jakarta, Indonesia


The Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) is dedicated to providing policy analysis and practical policy recommendations to decision-makers within Indonesia’s legislative and executive branches of government. As a strictly non-partisan and non-profit think tank, CIPS promotes social and economic reforms that are based on the belief that only civil, political, and economic freedom allow Indonesia to prosper. It is being financially supported by donors and philanthropists who appreciate the independence of our analysis.


Being a partner in the Atlas Network of public policy think tanks, CIPS shares updates, stories, and analysis internationally. Its aim is to promote international dialogue and to encourage comparative research of key issues concerning Indonesia.


Moreover, CIPS trains new Indonesian talent in policy analysis and think tank management. It welcomes interested individuals to join their research and activities. With this, it endeavours to support the next generation of think tank leaders who promote an open and prosperous Indonesia.


Scholars at CIPS may support the think tank across public policy research and analysis, communications and outreach, and the operation of think-tanks by writing reports and articles and partaking in website developments. Interns may also have the potential to support legislators and executives across various branches of government through the continued promotion of economic freedom and prosperity.



📍 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) is a nonprofit research institute based in Malaysia dedicated to promoting solutions to public policy challenges. IDEAS’ vision is:


“A Malaysia that upholds the principles of liberty and justice.”


The mission at IDEAS is to improve the level of understanding an acceptance of public policies based on the principles of rule of law, limited government, free markets and free individuals. Its work is independent of vested interests and partisan influences. It acts as an intellectual centre creating space for principles-centric and result-oriented dialogue.


IDEAS achieves this by:

  • Publishing cutting-edge research work
  • Initiating dialogues with governments, lawmakers, businesses and civil society
  • Providing thought leadership
  • Facilitating networking between like-minded individuals
  • Organising educational programmes.


IDEAS interns may communicate with stakeholders in website development, general media editing and engagement with social media platforms. Opportunities may also arise for interns to coordinate with IDEAS professionals in event management and attending conferences and seminars focusing on current Malaysian economic and political issues and the promotion of anti-corruption legislation.



📍 Hong Kong


The Lion Rock Institute was founded in 2004 by Andrew Work, Simon Lee and Andrew Shuen. Lion Rock believes in the potential of the individual and free market values to provide the strongest base for guiding successful government policy in Hong Kong. The Institute was created to ensure that freedom and prosperity would continue to thrive in Hong Kong.


The Institute’s mission is to promote free-market ideas throughout Hong Kong to improve the lives of Hong Kongers. The Institute does this through having a direct and demonstrable impact on government policy by advancing concrete solutions to keep government small, taxes low and restrictions on business and the individual minimal. It educates policy makers, active political participants and the general public on the virtues of free enterprise in building a prosperous Hong Kong through various media outlets.


The Institute globally promotes Hong Kong’s excellence in public policy that exemplifies free market values. The people of Hong Kong have a right and the capability to be involved in the debate about the economic policy of today that will affect their future.


The Lion Rock Institute’s interns may assist the think tank in having an influence on government policy through investigations on the regulation of current banking services, transport statistics, housing policy plans and digital currency regulation. Other roles may include being involved with the profiling of local politicians, analysing their respective policies and plans and the opportunity to network with corporate and political professionals.

📍 Sydney


The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is a unique grassroots advocacy & activist organisation, dedicated to standing up for hardworking Australian taxpayers. They oppose high taxes, wasteful spending, and crippling red tape that is hurting Aussie families and businesses, and provide a voice for everyone who opposes the big-government agenda.

The ATA does this through:

  • Spread the message of small government, individual freedom, and free markets to the Australian people through traditional and new media techniques of civic engagement
  • Run grassroots online campaigns to lobby governments to achieve policy objectives
  • Run events throughout Australia including panel discussions, conferences, special guest presentations, and social functions
  • Educate Australians of the benefits of lean government as opposed to the counterproductive effects of government largess and cronyism
  • Create a positive, identifiable vision of a prosperous Australia to inspire people to take action to achieve this future.
  • Identifying examples of the waste of taxpayer dollars and expose these to the general public through media campaigns
  • Identify, educate, and mobilise centre-right Australians to effectively engage in activities to influence the Australian political agenda and provide the necessary support, development, training
  • Provide a powerful voice for taxpayers in the political process.


Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance interns will liaise and network with professionals and leaders from the political and private sector, developing and amending current Australian public policy. Scholars will be actively involved with the writing of articles that address economic and political issues facing Australia such as privatisation and tax reform and participating in interviews with the media.



📍 Sydney


The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) seeks to create a better Australian society through ideas, research and advocacy that support individual liberty and responsibility, free enterprise, the rule of law and limited, democratic government.


The CIS continues to provide valuable research that influences and shapes Australian public policy. CIS targets a broad spectrum of stakeholders including the general public, media, business professionals, politicians and policymakers through holding a diversity of lectures, conferences and forums.


Roles and responsibilities for interns at the Centre for Independent Studies include working in small teams on the writing and publication of articles for the CIS digital newsletter, active engagement with CIS supporters through online forums, undertaking policy-based projects which include recommendations to stakeholders and articulating the vision and mission of CIS through various media events.



📍 Melbourne


The Institute of Public Affairs is an independent, non-profit public policy think tank, dedicated to preserving and strengthening the foundations of economic and political freedom. Since 1943, the IPA has been at the forefront of the political and policy debate, defining the contemporary political landscape. The IPA is funded by individual memberships, as well as individual and corporate donors.


The IPA supports the free market of ideas, the free flow of capital, a limited and efficient government, evidence-based public policy, the rule of law, and representative democracy. Throughout human history, these ideas have proven themselves to be the most dynamic, liberating and exciting. Our researchers apply these ideas to the public policy questions which matter today.


The IPA’s specific research areas include climate change, red tape reduction, economics, criminal justice, legal rights, freedom of speech, innovation and entrepreneurship, workplace relations and energy and resources. The IPA publishes a wide variety of research papers and supporting opinion pieces. It also hosts conferences and lectures across the country. The IPA publishes the IPA Review, Australia’s longest-running political magazine. In 2008, the IPA Review was awarded the Sir Anthony Fisher Memorial Award for best magazine.


Interns will support and promote the IPA ideology through supporting and being an active participant in IPA research areas such as red-tape regulation and licensing, environmental legislation, freedom and speech legislation and energy and resources. Interns may further assist IPA staff in promoting liberty across programs including Criminal Justice, Generation Liberty and the Red Tape Project, which scrutinise the actions of government and promote innovation and prosperity of the individual.



📍 Canberra and Sydney


The Menzies Research Centre promotes freedom, enterprise and empowerment to Australia and the world through an extensive national research, communications and engagement program.


Since its establishment in 1994, the Centre has been an independent voice for liberty, free speech, competitive enterprise, smaller government and democracy through its policy research, publications, public lectures and discussions.


It is named after and honour the ideas of Sir Robert Menzies, Australia’s longest-serving Prime Minister. Sir Robert Menzies had a lifelong commitment to an ‘intelligent, free, and liberal Australian democracy’ underpinned by freedom of speech and religious association allowing Australians to choose their own way of life subject to the rights of others.


Menzies Research Centre scholars will be working collaboratively as part of a team with other interns and various research team members across developing consultations and proceedings for the development of public policy, productivity discussions and leading debates on prevalent topics to continue the development of Australia through freedom, entrepreneurship and individual empowerment.

📍 Wellington


The New Zealand Initiative’s mission is to help create a competitive, open and dynamic economy and a free, prosperous, fair, and cohesive society. As one of New Zealand’s leading think tanks, they work closely with their members, policymakers across the political spectrum, the wider business community, the media, academics and the general public.


The NZI’s researchers conduct independent research on a wide range of policy issues. From education to economic policy, from poverty to housing, and from local government to immigration, they are injecting new ideas into New Zealand’s political debates.


The NZI is strictly non-partisan in its work and welcomes an open exchange of views and ideas.


The New Zealand Initiative interns may be involved in the writing, editing and publication of articles pertaining to various categories including economic policy, transport, government and politics, health and education, while also assisting other researchers and authors. Research and innovation in relation to the improvement of government processes are likely to be a central focus when providing recommendations and analysing domestic issues.



📍 Wellington


The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union campaign for better value for money from Government spending. Its mission is to seek lower taxes and value for money from every tax dollar.


The NZU is a union of New Zealanders who have been standing up for hardworking New Zealand taxpayers since 2013. Their vision is a prosperous low tax New Zealand with an efficient, transparent, and accountable government.


They exist to represent the common interests of all taxpayers and to provide them with a voice in corridors of power. They work to explore excessive and wasteful government spending, creating more transparency and accountability in how taxpayers’ money is spent.


Interns at the NZTU may be involved in the promotion of government accountability and transparency in taxpayer funds through researching and investigating government projects/agencies and the freedom of information by exposing reckless spending. Areas of focus may include housing affordability, sending freedom of information requests, corporate tax rates, education funding wastage and superannuation research.