The John Hyde Archives

Historic archive of articles and newspaper columns written by former Australian politician John Hyde OAM.


Contains two speeches John Hyde gave in 1991. The first speech "After WA Inc" was for the Perth Rotary Club presented on the 21st and 22nd of February at the Parmelia Hilton. The second speech "Who Will Govern Us?" was presented to CEDA (Committee for Economic Development of Australia).

After WA Inc.

Politics  Cronyism 

  • WA Inc affected Western Australia in four ways: It cost a lot of money; it set in place a lot of structures and practices; it seriously injured the public service; it cost our good reputation in important places such London, Tokyo and New York. The most basic error was ethical in nature, our political and business leaders had a problem recognising that the circumstance and actions were not truthful and fair to all parties.

Who Will Govern Us?

Politics  Philosophy  Regulation 

  • Why concentrated vested interests will prevail over general interests is due to public choice theory. However, Australia is moving towards a liberal direction and it will depend on how fast we can liberalise our economy compared to other countries.