Liberty & Society Conference

31 Aug 2008


Boardroom Lunch Hal Colebatch - "Flaming the Fragile Flame of Western Civilisation"

28 Jul 2008


"Health Paper" for Project WA series - public lunch

08 Jul 2008


Ken Phillips

24 Jun 2008


P.J. O'Rourke Public Lunch

12 May 2008


The Year Ahead: Project Western Australia

12 Mar 2008
The Weld Club, 3 Barrack Street, Perth, WA

Discussion of the continuation of Project W.A.


Project WA Research Paper - 'Top of the Class: Making the Most of WA's School System'

20 Feb 2008


Luncheon - Notre Dame

04 Dec 2007


Project WA Research Paper - 'Reshaping the Landscape: The Quick Erosion of Property Rights in WA'

12 Nov 2007


Project WA Research Paper - 'Creating a Liveable City: How Perth Can Capitalise on the Resources Boom'

23 Sep 2007


Project WA Research Paper - 'Moving in the Right Direction: Transport Reformation in WA'

18 Jul 2007


The Year Ahead: Official Launch of Project W.A.

07 Mar 2007
The Weld Club, 3 Barrack Street, Perth, WA

The launch party for Project W.A. and discussion of the policy initiative


Squeezing the West: How governments are making housing unaffordable and hurting economic development in Western Australia

06 Sep 2006
Perth Convention Exhibition Centre

Seminar discussing the role the state government has on hurting economic development in WA.


Breakfast Meeting

28 Feb 2006
Outram St, Café, Cnr Outram St & Ord Street, West Perth, Perth, WA

Breakfast meeting. Topics Include: Future fund, Nick Minchin's economics, Emergence of Murdoch Uni, Aus government winning, Urban sprawl


18th Annual History of Economic thought Conference

05 Jul 2005
Macquarie University, Sydney, NSW

Limited Description - Page shows profs in one picture and UWA, Notre Dame and Ron in a separate speaker. Donators or speakers?


Ayn Rand Dinner

02 Feb 2005
Celtic Club, 48 Ord St., West Perth, Perth, WA

No Description - Seems important, several pages of attendees


Land Users Luncheon

09 Nov 2004
L'Attico Trattoria, 7/1251 Hay Street, West Perth, Perth, WA

Lunch with discussion - Topics Include: access rights, property rights and water rights for enthusiests, prospertors, miners, farmers etc. Red tape and environmental harm


A Celebratory Birthday Dinner To celebrate the birthday of The Late Nobel Prize Winner of Economics F.A. Hayek & Several of his Australian "Students"

01 May 2004
Moreton Room, Holiday Inn, Roma St., Brisbane, QLD

No description - appears to be a lunch for Mannkal scholars or past stduents in Brisbane


PhD Conference in Economics and Business

05 Nov 2003
UWA, Perth

Conference held by 31 students presenting papers. Topics Include: Labour Economics, Market Microstructure, Consumption and Savings, Corporate Governance and Disclosure Issues, Asian Equity Markets, Development Economics and various other economics topics


Liberty and Society Conference

18 May 2003


Kyoto Confusion

07 Mar 2003

Understanding the Kyoto debate. Costs versus benefits for Kyoto ratification


Official Declaration of the 2003 Gold Boom

07 Feb 2003
Celtic Club, 48 Ord St., West Perth, Perth, WA

Event held to declare the newfound gold boom.


Lang Hancock Memorial Lecture

01 Jan 2003