The John Hyde Archives

Historic archive of articles and newspaper columns written by former Australian politician John Hyde OAM.

The Australian Financial Review

Fraser's Budget error - not enough Thatcher


  • During the 82/83 years, the treasury expects gross product to fall and likewise, real wage earnings should also fall. If not, unemployment will increase.
  • Only if a UK type strategy is adopted, which is a long-term strategy of growing real product demand faster than real wage increases.

Retrospective taxation can be fair

Taxation  Law 

  • The argument against it is retrospective taxation is the imposition of an unforeseen retribution.
  • The party that is liable should have their liability limited to the Crown.
  • An individual's liability should be limited only up to the net benefit from the sale of the company.

It's not just avoidance or evasion - just waste

Taxation  Welfare 

  • Tax revenue is almost universally understood as once collected, is wastefully spent.
  • Welfare payments are going to those who are neither in financial need or those who have caused their own financial plight.

High price of nappies built into BHP costs

Cronyism  Trade  Regulation 

  • The Australian Government should not insulate the management of BHP from the wrath of the shareholders for making bad decisions lest they do not learn their lesson.
  • There is a need to understand the true relationship between unemployment to the tariff.

Abuses of privilege cost MPs respect


  • Is it necessary for an MP to raise the issue in Parliament?
  • Is it necessary to identify the guilty party?
  • Has the MP done no more than address the wrong done?

Some heavy losses but the battle continues


  • Dry politicians reflect the changing view of how an economy should be run.

Labour's stand on sales tax should be queried

Taxation  Economics  Trade 

  • A Tariff tax falls most heavily on necessities of life versus a sales tax which falls most heavily on luxury goods.

Ord River sugar sage leaves a sour taste

Cronyism  Subsidies  Taxation 

  • WA consumers subsidise the price of sugar for growers in QLD & NSW.
  • The cost of establishing a sugar industry is high and there is no reason why foreign capital be used instead of taxpayer dollars.

Facing up to structural change

Trade  Economics 

  • The Australian government cannot do much to prevent the world trade patterns from changing.
  • Various interests need to be more balanced in a fair manner.

An evaluation of OECD cures for economic ills

Economics  Currencies & Commodities  Economics 

  • General world economic downturn, poor world commodities markets and the drought have caused Australia to suffer a shock worse than Japan's oil shocks.

Simple explanation for the unemployment crisis

Industrial Relations 

  • It is vital that those who demand and grant wage increases feel the consequences.
  • The failure of the labour market is better understood by the rank and file unionist and his or her family.

Less Haste makes for better bills

Law  Politics 

  • The Parliament passes legislation too quickly.
  • Most members understood or even read any bills, which are unnecessarily complex.
  • Only in rare circumstances, should innovative legislation be passed in less than four months.

The NFF and the Balderstone Report

Protectionism  Industrial Relations  Regulations  Trade 

  • The report states that Australia's comparatively efficient agriculture is burdened with unnecessary regulation.
  • It is in Australia's interest that the agricultural industry propers while remaining efficient.
  • Australian agriculture suffers a considerable burden placed upon it by protected industries and trade unions and is under the mercy of international prices.

Australia Writ Small

Protectionism  Trade  Regulation 

  • Both Australia and New Zealand have high import barriers.
  • Min price arrangements and export incentives are poor means of re-allocation of the nation's (New Zealand) resources.
  • Both nations have adequate natural advantages that are blunted by government intervention.

When is a Wage Freeze not a Freeze?

Industrial Relations  Economics 

  • Wages must increase less than prices.
  • High wages decrease demand

The 1983 Budget

Budget  Fiscal Policy 

  • How much of the damage done by the previous budget can be undone.
  • Displaying fiscal responsibility will enable the govt to be re-elected.

Labels - an easy way to discredit but they count

Individual Rights  Cronyism 

  • A more relevant classification of politics should be whether you believe that choice should be exercised by individuals or to be exercised on their behalf.
  • Vested interests are only wrong when governments pander to them.

Wage-fixing priesthood keeps its god alive

Industrial Relations  Economics 

  • Centralised wage-fixing is the creation of jobs for some who would otherwise be unemployed.
  • A minimum wage is often set so high that it comes the permanent wage of those in the group with employers unwilling to offer more to capable individuals.
  • Marginal employees such as the young, old, and unskilled are permanently shut out.