The John Hyde Archives

Historic archive of articles and newspaper columns written by former Australian politician John Hyde.


Not Lazy (Published in the Weekend Australian as Monopolies corner the market in frustration)

Protectionism  Monopoly  Regulation  Business 

  • Australians are more often frustrated with government regulations than lazy.
  • Monopolies are the reason for Australia's lost competiveness than laziness.

Investment: Where will it come from?


  • If private savings and investments are to increase, then the people must reduce their consumption. However, there is a danger that households might maintain their current living standards and savings levels might decrease.

When Elephants Mate

Politics  Economics 

  • Corporatism (consensus of elected elites) can produce good outcomes, Singapore, Austria and Sweden are often cited as good examples of successful corporatist governments. However, only fools expect elites to remain benevolent even if they started that way. It is in the human nature to use power to guard personal status.

The Wage Case

Industrial Relations  Economics 

  • High minimum wages kill off jobs and increase foreign debt. In order for Australia to have a trade surplus, Australians must improve competitiveness sustainably. Unit costs must be lower than other countries.


Regulation  Property Rights  Economics 

  • Legislation that reduces a landlord's right to raise rent or to evict tenants reduce supply and drives up rents anyway. Paul Keating deregulates the cost of home purchases while the Minster for Housing regulates rents. It will not work.

Getting to The Centenary

Politics  Protectionism 

  • Both side of politics are responsible for industry protectionism. Instead of facing reality, Australians are taking economically unsound popular policies seriously.

What Should We Expect of The Rest Of 1987?


  • Australians have been becoming wealthier but at a slower rate compared to other nations.

Cut the Deficit and The Crap

Budget  Taxation  Fiscal Policy 

  • Tax cuts are highly desirable but only if a budget deficit is eliminated and government expenditure is reduced. A reduced deficit is a future tax cut.

US Trade Deficit

Budget  Fiscal Policy  Business 

  • With a deficit, the best thing that our government can do is to get out of the way of entrepreneurs that can take advantage of chances to produce goods and services.

Beyond Keynesianism And Monetarism


  • Monopolies produce less at higher prices and will not maximise the community's welfare.

Why Privatise

Regulation  Business  Taxation 

  • Only when public companies are sold that taxes are paid in meaningful amounts.

High Buildings to Jump Off


  • Regulations should be minimal, simple and certain.

Town Planning


  • Town planning reform offers many opportunities to improve economic efficiency and increase living standards as a result.