Ron Manners

Mannkal was founded by Kalgoorlie mineral prospector, Ron Manners.

But who is Ron?

Ron’s long career has led him to experience a number of major world events such as the fall of the Berlin Wall, the collapse of communism in Russia and the Hong Kong handover.
He started out as an electrical engineer, training at Kalgoorlie School of Mines, and took over the family business in 1955. Ron founded Croesus Mining in the 1980s and during his time it produced 1.275 million ounces of gold and paid 11 dividends. From 1972 to 1995 Ron floated several Australian mining companies before joining the board of a Canadian miner operating in Mexico, Brazil and Turkey.

The mining industry has seen a number of changes in the past 60 years, such as the introduction of new technologies, growth and decline of commodity prices and altered business practices. Ron weathered these changes with humility, enthusiasm and good humour.

As a proponent of the free market model, Ron set up Mannkal to promote limited government, free enterprise and individual responsibility. He is an active member of the Mont Pelerin Society and is on the co-ordinating committee for the Commonwealth Study Conference.

Ron is the author of four books – Heroic Misadventures, Kanowna’s Barrowman, Never a Dull Moment and Poems of Passion – as well as numerous papers and addresses – most of which can be found on this website.

Today, Ron is Managing Director of Mannwest Group. He is also Emeritus Chairman of the Australian Mining Hall of Fame Ltd and a Fellow of both the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. His contributions to industry and Australia have been marked by several awards including being elected as a Mining Legend at the 2005 Excellence in Mining and Exploration Conference in Sydney. In 2010 Ron was appointed to the Board of Overseers for the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Washington, DC.

You can read Ron’s latest views, ideas and perspectives at