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Mannkal completes targeted research where it enhances the learning and development of students completing our Mannkal Scholarship Program.

We apply insights from classical liberal thinkers to produce sound policy recommendations for Western Australia.


Our research is focused on three key areas:

Our philosophy and political science research draws on the works of prominent classical liberal intellectuals, analysing their works in a local context.

Our state has underlying strengths, but poor government policies are squandering the opportunity to experience further security, wealth and freedoms that are achievable.

A strong, but limited government is essential for the long-term prosperity of our state, however, the political circumstances that facilitate the flourishing of Western Australia are not always present.

We advocate for policies which reduce taxation and regulatory burdens, and provide flexible, competitive investment and work environments.

Government participation in our state’s energy and infrastructure may be unavoidable, but over-involvement is harmful for the welfare of its users.

We promote market reforms to the energy and infrastructure sectors which negate short-sighted political considerations of the government of the day, incentivise efficient consumption decisions, and reduce inequitable tax liabilities.




Through a generous donation from chairman and founder, Ron Manners, Mannkal is fortunate to be home to one of the largest libraries in the southern hemisphere dedicated to free market economics and mining related topics.

The primary purpose for the library is for the use of our scholars in the Mannkal Scholarship Program and as reference sources in our research program.

While there are a variety of sub-sections and unique themes and categories of books, three key sections can be described as:

  1. Philosophical underpinnings of a free society
  2. Mining and the resource sector
  3. Public policy-related material

Incorporating the entire collection of published Liberty Fund works, the philosophically focused section is timeless and incorporates a range of classics as well as now out of print speciality material from Australian and international authors.

Given our geographical location and legacy, we plan to continue to collect and expand our works on Western Australia’s resource sector and the individuals who have made it the success story it is today.