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Mannkal believes that the principles of limited government and free markets
are essential components for the future success of Australia

2024 Mannkal Scholarship Program


March - July


March - February


My scholarship with Mannkal gave me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge on classical liberalism, expand my networks in the liberty space, and travel the world. No words can fully encapsulate how grateful I am for the memories and experiences I have gained and the life-long friendships I have cultivated through the program. From attending conferences interstate to completing leadership programmes and internships in both London and the United States, Mannkal has broadened my horizons, stimulated my curiosity, and invigorated my love for learning.

Mannkal provided me with an excellent opportunity to expand my my academics, network with phenomenal leaders, and a great community of peers whom I could also learn from. Mannkal also offered me the opportunity to experience what this means in the workplace through my internship. A truly unforgettable experience.

Becoming a Mannkal scholar was a life changing experience. Not only did it expose me to the world of liberal politics and institutions by sponsoring my attendance to the Liberty and Society and Friedman Conferences, but it gave me the skills necessary to take advantage of the opportunities presented. In just 1 short year I had gone from being a university student still unsure about my future, to running an internship program at the Institute of Economic Affairs in London. None of this would have been possible without the education and support given by the dedicated Mannkal team. Regardless of your political views and aspirations, I can say with certainty the Mannkal Scholarship Program will be an experience you will never forget.