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Do you want a head start on your career?

Our Advanced offering is aimed at university students who have a keen interest in public policy and economic issues facing Australia.

Run over a full year, it combines seminars, professional development and travel opportunities to increase your career options and set you up for success.

Over the course of the program, you will develop an appreciation of individual liberty and responsibility, limited government and free market economics.

All program scholars attend the same comprehensive seminar series. You will travel domestically and internationally to further your understanding of market-based solutions to economic and social issues.

The 12-month program culminates in a 6-week global study tour which will put to the test what you have learnt over the course of your LDP experience.


All dates are for 2021 unless otherwise stated.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with the following areas of study prior to your application and start of the program:

  • Mannkal's A Libertarian Primer
  • Austrian economics
  • Public choice theory
  • Notable people:
    • Friedrich Hayek
    • Ludwig von Mises
    • Milton Friedman

Interviews are conducted on a rolling basis up until the closing date.

Applicants must be available to attend the assessment centre (mid-February).

The formal program commences in early March, with seminars and other events taking place throughout the semesters.

Domestic travel to a conference usually takes place in May.

Your research internship will run over the course of 10 weeks, either in the university break or in semester 2, depending on your schedule.

The study tour will take place in January - February 2022.

We invite all scholars to attend our annual Emerging Leaders cocktail event in March 2022.

The estimated workload is 2 -4 hours per week.

Once applications open, you can apply below. Please ensure you fulfil the eligibility requirements.

To submit your application, you will need a cover letter, resume and a copy of academic transcript (unofficial copy is sufficient).

Applications close late January. We will assess applicants on a rolling basis, so you can expect to have your interview scheduled in the weeks immediately following your submission.

The outcome of your application is decided after the assessment centre. Unsuccessful applicants may be invited to reapply for the next intake.

Mannkal encourages applicants to apply for their preferred program, however, we will make offers for the 12 or 6 month program based on merit and suitability.

Murdoch students must also fill out and submit a form directly to their university.

Seminars form an integral part of the LDP experience. Whether in our office or via video conferencing, participants get access to a wide variety of speakers covering a broad range of topics, including economics, philosophy, policy and professional development.

It is expected that students maintain a seminar attendance rate of at least 80%.

The Mannkal team and external professionals will assist you with several aspects of your professional development, including:

  • 1:1 executive coaching
  • Regular performance reviews
  • Brand and image consulting
  • Career seminars
  • Professional networking opportunities

The first travel opportunity in the program is usually attending the ALS Friedman Conference which takes place in Sydney in May of every year.

This non-academic conference brings together liberty-minded people from the world over for three days of talks, debates, networking and socialising.

Additional conference opportunities include the Freedom to Choose Conference and the Public Choice Symposium, both one-day events co-hosted with The University of Notre Dame (Fremantle).

You will have the opportunity to conduct a 10-week research project (either in the university mid-year break or semester 2).

Scholars will draw upon theoretical and philosophical ideas to analyse a policy issue and consider real-world implications.

The internship may be eligible for credit in your university course.

The international study tour is the culmination of the program. You and your cohort will visit think tanks, organisations and individuals across the globe, following a carefully curated itinerary.

Destinations may include Washington DC, London, Vienna, Madrid and many more.

Students usually spend around one week at each destination, participating in seminars, workshops or conferences. You may be asked to do public speaking in front of an array of people, such as academics, policy experts or elected officials.

The study tour is intensive and may include long days of professional and academic engagements in addition to travel commitments. Over the course of the program, we will prepare you for the tour and instruct you on what will be expected of you.

COVID-19 Disclaimer:
Please note that all travel opportunities will be subject to government restrictions.


To be eligible for enrolment in the LDP, you must:

  • Currently be enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student (part-time or full-time) at a Western Australian university*;
  • Hold either Australian citizenship or permanent residency**;
  • Be based in Western Australia.

*We accept students from The University of Western Australia, Murdoch, Curtin and Notre Dame. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Edith Cowan University students.

**International students are unfortunately not eligible; in very rare circumstances, an exception may be made. However, international students are very welcome to attend our seminars and events.

Above all, Mannkal values entrepreneurship and enthusiasm for a free and open society. We consider students from across all faculties, departments and backgrounds. Course marks are one consideration, but this should not exclude students who have made contributions in other areas. Aspects of the LDP benefit from a formal study of economics and public policy, but a keen interest and awareness of the philosophical concepts behind these subjects is more important.

Places are subject to availability and may change without notice.