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Attending our Student Seminars is a great way to enhance your application and expand your educational, philosophical and professional horizons. The free seminars are held every 2-3 weeks during semester and cover a wide range of topics including Investment Philosophy and Financial Literacy, Regulatory Capture, Human Rights 101 and Mastering Professional Skills. We warmly encourage all applicants and interested students to attend and get to know us. Keep your eyes on our socials for regular seminar announcements and to register your attendance. 

Below are our upcoming seminars with prospective dates, speakers, and topics. More details will be released closer to date.


July 23
Thaddeus Meadows: Heinlein and the Economics of Free Will and Predictive Social Science

August 6
Willy Packer (Packer & Co.): Investment Philosophy and Financial Literacy 

August 27
Doug Hall: Schools of Economic Thought (Socratic Session) 

September 10
Lorraine Finlay (Human Rights Commissioner): Human Rights 101 

October 1
Lyndon Rowe (Board Director Mannkal, Board Director Perth Airport, Utilities Commissioner NT): Topic TBC 

October 15
Julian Coleman (Salesforce Executive, Mannkal Alumnus): Mastering Rapport: Building Connections for Success 




8 – 10 March
Liberty & Society Conference, Perth
Centre for Independent Studies

9 April
Innovative Mindset Masterclass, Perth
Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation

24 – 26 May
Samuel Griffith Society Conference, Gold Coast
Samuel Griffith Society

22 – 28 June
Capitaf Colloquium, Vermont, USA
Free to Choose Network

29 June – 13 July
AIER Student Program, Great Barrington, USA
American Institute for Economic Research

19 – 23 August
Freedom Week, Cambridge, UK
Institute of Economic Affairs/Adam Smith Institute

August – October
UNDA Public Choice Theory Unit (BUSN2080), Perth
University of Notre Dame Australia

19 & 20 August
Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp, Perth

17 September
Freedom to Choose Conference, Perth
University of Notre Dame Australia

25 – 27 September
HETSA Conference, Sydney
History of Economic Thought Society of Australia 

INTERNSHIPS - 2024/2025


American Institute for Economic Research – Great Barrington, Massachusetts 

Atlas Network – Arlington, Virginia  

Foundation for Economic Education – Atlanta, Georgia


Centre For Policy Studies/CapX – London 

Institute for Economic Affairs – London 


Centre for Independent Studies – Sydney

Menzies Research Centre – Sydney 

Institute of Public Affairs – Melbourne 

Samuel Griffith Society Liberty Hub – Melbourne 

New Zealand Taxpayers Union – Wellington