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Exploring Atlas: My Time at the Heart of the Global Liberty Movement

Picture of Yasmyn Ware

Yasmyn Ware

2023 Mannkal Scholar

In the blink of an eye, my internship with Atlas Network has drawn to a close. It seems like just yesterday when I touched down in the United States, brimming with excitement to meet fresh faces and new challenges. People who were once strangers have become valued friends. I reflect fondly on the moments spent partaking in lunchtime banter, exploring D.C., and seizing weekend getaways.

Interning on the Institute Relations team has proven to be an enriching, dynamic, and collaborative journey. Daily responsibilities ranged from reviewing partner progress reports to active engagement in team and partner meetings. One of the notable highlights was my active contribution to shaping the content for the women in the workplace workshop, which is set to run across various Atlas forums. My internship extended beyond routine tasks, with there being new opportunities for growth and learning each day. I found interacting with partners from diverse backgrounds, all profoundly dedicated to their respective missions inspiring. Additionally, I led an initiative aimed at strengthening relationships in Australia and New Zealand which presented new opportunities for growth and learning each day.

The concluding weeks of my internship marked significant milestones, among which was presenting my findings derived from the meetings I facilitated with partners in Australia and New Zealand. Receiving positive feedback for my initiative and witnessing Atlas Network’s subsequent changes in response to my recommendations to enhance engagement in these regions was encouraging. In the final weeks, my team requested a compilation of the outreach and focus group resources I developed, along with insights, to use a model for future interns to follow.

Working at Atlas Network and solo traveling to the United States has been a transformative experience, fostering substantial growth in my personal development and prompting a revaluation of my professional aspirations. Among the key aspects I now prioritise is the incorporation of travel into my work, a feature evident in the roles of numerous Atlas Network employees. Staff have the unique opportunity to attend various international forums, as well as the Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner in New York. The team at Atlas Network is already gearing up for their regional forums in Spain, India, Costa Rica, and Tanzania. This exposure has profoundly influenced my vision for a dynamic and globally involved career. I am eager to explore opportunities that align with this newfound perspective.

Yasmyn at the National Gallery

Separately, undertaking this opportunity has enabled me to travel around the United States. Entering into the New Year in the heart of Times Square was undeniably an unforgettable experience. As the Crystal Ball dropped at midnight, the entire square was showered in over a tonne of confetti. It was a truly magical spectacle. During my time in New York City, I went for a stroll in Central Park, visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, crossed the Brooklyn Bridge, checked out the Statue of Liberty, and ate a somewhat questionable amount of pizza. Over the Martin Luther King long weekend, I took a trip to Vermont to visit a friend studying abroad and to make the most of the snow. We both had a lovely time exploring the charming shops and restaurants nestled in downtown Burlington. Beyond the picturesque surroundings, this trip was a unique opportunity to experience the American university lifestyle.

I am grateful to the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation for providing this invaluable opportunity, and the amazing staff at Atlas Network for their support and warm welcome. The Mannkal Scholarship Program has been influential in broadening my horizons, refining my professional skills, and nurturing my passion for learning. To future scholars, embrace every opportunity to learn, and approach challenges as stepping stones for personal and professional growth.

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