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Exposure and Experience in the Heart of London: My time at the CPS

My internship at the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) provided me with significant training and exposure in working in economics and public policy. The lessons I have learned have moulded me into an individual who is bolder and more confident than the first day I stepped into the office.

The duration of my internship lasted approximately 11 weeks, but it flew by faster than I could have expected. I had the opportunity to meet and connect with many significant people in the UK government, as well as professionals within the business, economics, and even academic spheres. I have overcome my fear of getting intimidated easily as the tasks assigned to me required me to collaborate with my colleagues and present my ideas and suggestions. I appreciate how CPS included me in their weekly meeting every Tuesday and even on their WhatsApp group, where I received updates on daily activities and upcoming events. Even as an intern, they asked for my opinions, enhancing my awareness of current news and affairs.

During my stay, I witnessed the impact that CPS was making not only in the policy research areas, but also in shaping the decision-making processes for topics that some think tanks were hesitant to engage with. They were bold in expressing their beliefs, even in the cirumstances where the majority won’t think the same way. From this exposure, I have come to appreciate that in life, it is not important whether you get the likes of the majority; what matters most is that you stand for what you believe is right, even if it makes you the odd one out. From attending all the events that CPS have sponsored and organised, one thing that I have learned is to always seize every opportunity that comes my way.

Victoria at the CPS 50th Anniversary Gala

If I had to choose which of my tasks as an intern was my favourite, I would select the Gala Dinner. I was heavily involved in the organisation of the Gala Dinner and had the chance to partake in some of the decision-making along the way. This included being involved in the tasting day with one of the directors, organising the printing of booklets and invites, and even closing deals with the wine suppliers. I was also asked to find quotes for floral arrangements and present these during team meetings. Only some of my suggestions were taken on board, but the mere fact that I was allowed to present my thoughts made me feel confident in myself.

On my last day, the CPS team organised “farewell drinks” for the three staff, including me, who left CPS. I felt so special and grateful that my efforts were recognised. They prepared gifts not only for me but also for my kids. I really enjoyed my stay there, and have gained so many valuable experiences that I can apply as an individual, parent, student, and community member. This internship has not only enhanced my employability in the future but also broadened my perspective in life. I highly recommend interning at CPS due to the immense learning opportunities it offers, and will forever be thankful to the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation for sending me here!

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