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Insights of Interning: Mannkal Scholar in the United States

Picture of Yasmyn Ware

Yasmyn Ware

2023 Mannkal Scholar

Interning at Atlas Network over the past month has been a wonderful experience that has allowed me to work in a collaborative environment, gain practical knowledge and refine my soft skills.  

From day one, the office environment struck me as social, upbeat and professional. Upon arrival, I toured the office before making the final stop at the intern room that overlooks the bustling streets of Arlington. After my first few days on the Institute Relations team, I quickly realised the importance of effective teamwork and how it contributes to the overall success of projects. Collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds has introduced me to new approaches and ideas. 

One of the most valuable aspects of my internship thus far has been meeting with some of Atlas Network’s 590 partners. Hearing firsthand about the multifaceted social, political and economic issues affecting communities globally has been eye-opening. More significantly, I have found listening to the nuanced and action-orientated solutions presented by the partners fascinating.  

Yasmyn in Washington

Engaging in real-world projects has allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge gained in academic settings. I have had the opportunity to work on challenging tasks that pushed me out of my comfort zone, ultimately contributing to my professional and personal growth. Namely, I am currently working on reaching out to prospective partners and looking into establishing a focus group in the Australia and New Zealand region. Regular feedback sessions with my supervisor, Alyssa DiPadova, have been instrumental in identifying my strengths and working on other areas for improvement. 

Beyond the confines of work, the internship has enabled me to get to know some lovely people. It has been fun partaking in social activities like the office Christmas party, where I was introduced to the American white elephant tradition. I have been fortunate enough to spend time with Corrine Helman, the Operations Supervisor. Together, we have been exploring the Washington D.C. area. Recently, we have visited some distinguished landmarks, including the National Gallery of Art, the Lincoln Memorial, and the United States Congress. In addition to these iconic sites, we have checked out some great local food spots.  

I am grateful to the Mannkal Economic Education Foundation for supporting me in this venture and throughout the year. So far, this trip has reinforced my passion for international relations and instilled a holistic understanding of the skills required to thrive in professional settings. Moreover, I’ve discovered the importance of being open and willing when faced with new experiences and challenges. During the remainder of my internship, I look forward to continuing my work, exploring more of the U.S. and spending time with new friends. 

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