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Think Tanks – a poem

Picture of John Hyde

John Hyde

John Hyde is a former Australian politician. He was elected as the member for the Division of Moore in Western Australia for the Liberal Party. John is a previous member of Mannkal's Board of Directors and is an active mentor for staff and scholars alike.

Think Tanks

Our dream is of a well-versed Commonwealth

Where any voting layman might explain

Established ways to safety, freedom, wealth

And treat attempts to bribe him with disdain.

We think we know and teach the blessed way.

We’re missionaries for rights with liberty

As confident as Christians in their day.

Oh yes, we proselytize society.


And yet our duty yields to truth alone.

We do not follow learned lore like sheep

Or give a sacred text divine repute.

Our confidence is testing what is known

Against opinions other scholars keep.

Our worth depends on frank and free dispute.

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