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Day: December 3, 2020

was jesus a socialist
Book Review

Was Jesus a Socialist?

Was Jesus a Socialist? Lawrence W. Reed explores not only the answer the titular question, but also what socialism is and whether it is compatible with the “Golden Rule.” Jesus’s teachings on economics, the rich,

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Mannkal Morning Tea-48
Mates for Mining

What is keeping Australia afloat?

Mates for Mining On Friday November 20, 2020, Mannkal hosted the fast-growing “Mates for Mining” morning tea. This simple idea is to recognise those in the sector, especially those who are literally on the coal

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worker safety

Workers to pay for industrial manslaughter laws

The intent underpinning Western Australia’s recently passed Work Health and Safety Bill is well placed. Yet goodwill does not necessarily translate to good policy. Judging by the official statements, legislators expect the Bill to create

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ben wyatt

The billions in debt behind WA’s black ink budget

Behind the headline black ink in Ben Wyatt’s 2020 state budget is an indulgent and self-interested fiscal stimulus. Ben Wyatt’s $1.2-billion budget surplus this year comes off the back of higher-than-forecast iron ore prices, which

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September eFocus Shane blog

A show of resilience in Busselton

In a world of disruption, automation and change, versatility and resilience are key. The workforce our next generation faces is a vastly different landscape to its predecessors. Stability is out, dynamism in. Some of yesterday’s

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A Road to Somewhere Op-Ed

A Road to Somewhere – Discussion Paper Release

WA infrastructure needs long-term reform, not short-sighted stimulus Most economists understand the role of infrastructure is quite simple; it connects markets and decreases transaction costs. Citizens may recognise this as reduced road congestion and travel

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Copy of August eFocus feature photo2

How to Fix Australia?

Australia is one of the world’s greatest countries. Decades of ambition and innovation have resulted in the prosperous, multiethnic and progressive liberal democracy that is modern day Australia. Over recent decades, Western Australia has been

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RBM Real Heroes (1)
Real Heroes

Ron Manners AO

It is fitting that Mannkal’s Chairman, Ron Manners, was included on the Queen’s Birthday list (2020) and made an Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order of Australia. The citation for his award

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media wars book review
Book Review

Media Wars – The Battle to Shape our Minds

According to the founder of Fox News, “Truth is whatever people will believe.” Just because something is widely accepted by society and even condoned by professionals or the government itself, does not guarantee it is

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John Hyde poem Ulysses

A Landfall Ulysses Might Have Made

A Landfall Ulysses Might Have Made Each rower pressed then gently on his oar. The watchful helmsman turned the boat about And rode the swelling water to the shore. While all his ill-used crew were

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