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Americas Summer 2020

The City of Angels (Americas week 3)

Our alarms were set for 4am for a packed flight from San Francisco to LA. As soon as we touched down and navigated through the chaos of LAX, we toured around Hollywood, following the trail

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americas blog 1
Americas Summer 2020

Howdy, Montana (Americas week 1)

The USA study tour was off to a wild start in Bozeman, Montana. As we touched down into Bozeman airport, the city scapes of our stopovers in New York and Los Angeles were replaced with

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Subiabo open for business
Libertarian Blog

Local Government – a major concern

High on the list of the younger generation’s concerns, is the ‘messiness’ of Western Australia’s local governments.  Because local government is ‘closer to the people’, one expects it to be more accountable and more respected,

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