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A Glimpse Into the Future

The wheels are in motion for a return to normal in Australia – or so we can hope. Some states appear to be ahead of others in terms of easing restrictions. Northern Territory and Western

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Libertarian Blog

Loo-py Limits

So, shortages. You may be familiar with tales of bread lines during war time and in the Soviet Union, and, in recent years, with photos of empty supermarkets in Venezuela. During April 2020, certain shortages

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Think Tanks – a poem

Think Tanks Our dream is of a well-versed Commonwealth Where any voting layman might explain Established ways to safety, freedom, wealth And treat attempts to bribe him with disdain. We think we know and teach

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Libertarian Blog

Disruption and Optimism!

Easter provides a time to reflect and consider family, future ambitions and next steps. Like the Christmas holiday, it serves as a break in our frenetic lives. However, rather than a pause, this year was

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Real Heroes

On Bert Kelly

Australian democracy’s processes are far from perfect but they are what we have. C. R. (Bert) Kelly, Member for the South Australian Federal seat of Wakefield used them. He addressed very different problems from those

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Real Heroes

On Kath Beeck

In normal times, my sister, Kath Beeck, would be regarded as a real hero. Based in Massangulu, a small village in the isolated, rural part of Northern Mozambique, she has been working with the poor,

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Americas Summer 2020

Discussions in the District (Americas week 5)

Last week on the Friday, we shifted accommodation from Arlington, Virginia to Noma, D.C. Our group was pleased with the industrial-chic styling of our apartment, gym facilities and a wonderful, free hot chocolate machine in

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