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Ideas Have Consequences: Economists for Ukraine Contest

Ideas Have Consequences Contest (IHCC)
Picture of Mannkal


Mannkal Economic Education Foundation

At the end of the Soviet era, Ukraine faced missed opportunities for economic reform. Now, the Ideas Have Consequences Contest (IHCC) invites students worldwide to contribute to Ukraine’s post-war economic revival. Your ideas and research can become policies that will shape Ukraine’s future.

Mannkal is excited to work with the Economists for Ukraine and Loyola University of New Orleans on this extraordinary project.

The contest aims to recognize and encourage undergraduate student scholarship, developing formal research projects and policy documents to rebuild Ukraine’s post-war economy.

The winner and the top five finalists will present their projects at one selected Free Market Road Show (FMRS) event in April/May 2024.

The main prize-winner selected by the prize committee will receive a free round-trip and accommodations to Perth, Melbourne, and Sydney, Australia, to give public presentations!

The deadline for submissions to IHCC is Friday, October 20, 2023. Don’t miss out!

For more information, visit IHCC

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