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Naturally, we all have a vested interest in our environment and the many issues being thrust at us by so many self-interested groups. At present, in particular, the issue of Climate Change is building to fever pitch with mounting concern about potential economic problems flowing from proposed legislation.

Mannkal has created a comprehensive archive of material to aid in this debate for you to consider. In particular we draw your attention to the following two articles:

An Inquiry into Global Warming and Carbon Emissions from Human Activities: Reality, or Should We Simply Move On From Any False Assumption (PDF, 316 KB)

Marcus Suresh, Mannkal Scholar, 1 October 2009

"Nobody believes a weather prediction 7 days ahead but now we are asked to reorder our economy based on climate predictions 100 years hence." [Dr Jay Lehr Ph.D]

Carbon Dioxide: World's Best Friend (PDF, 58 KB)

The New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, 16 September 2009

In their zeal to confuse the public, politicians use the term 'carbon' when they are referring to the odourless, colourless gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) that comprises just 3.62% of so-called 'greenhouse' gases in the atmosphere.

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However, as the battle has become a war, we have put our trust in the following organisations to continue this fight:

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